Thank you to the city of Richmond BC for being a leader in
                            Animal Welfare


                            Last year alone Small Animal Rescue Society of BC took in approximately
                            300 rabbits, 50 Guinea Pigs, and 50 hamster.   Little Mischief Rescue  took in approximately 262 rats.  Richmond Reptile rescue is full as always.  Please do not shop at stores that carry ANY animals as small animals count too.  Support stores that ONLY sell supplies and adopt a small animal from rescue.


                            Each year millions of Canadian companion animals are destroyed due to the greed of commercial puppy mills, the ignorance of back yard breeders and irresponsible pet owners. New laws, public awareness & compassion will end the suffering of the voiceless. No Puppy Mills Canada is here to help educate and help you make the right choice when looking to add a pet to your home.





                             What is a Mill?


                             Back Yard Breeders


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                             Canadian Laws


                             Spay & Neuter


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